26th July - Monday

Session: Optimal Control I
(organized by Delfim Torres)
 10:30-12:30 Room MA6 - 3.1.07 Delfim Torres
  R.C. Rodrigues, F.S. Leite
Optimization of interpolating curves in Euclidean spaces
  O. Mul
On Control of Vibrations in the Complex Dynamical Systems of Machine Units
  M.R. Pinho, M.M. Ferreira, F. Fontes
Unmaximized Necessary Conditions for Optimal Control Problems with Mixed State-Control and Pure State Constraints
  P. Gouveia, D. Torres
A Computer Algebra Package for Determining Symmetries and Conservation Laws in the Calculus of Variations
wide scope
Castelo de São Jorge
Torre de Belém
Ponte 25 de Abril