26th July - Monday

Session: Applications in the Energy Sector
(organized by Carlos Henggeler Antunes)
 17:00-19:00 Room MC5 - 3.1.05 Carlos Henggeler Antunes
  R. García-Bertrand, A. Conejo
Multi-Period Equilibrium in a Pool Based Electricity Market
  R. Aringhieri
The Enumeration Over Paths Algorithm for solving the Energy Supply Problem
  E. Castronuovo, J. Peças Lopes
Mixed-Integer Optimization of the Operation of a Wind Park with Storage Ability by an Interior Point Method
  C. Antunes, C. Barrico, A. Gomes, D. Pires, A. Martins
An Evolutionary Algorithm for Reactive Power Compensation in Radial Distribution Networks
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Castelo de São Jorge
Torre de Belém
Ponte 25 de Abril