28th July - Wednesday

Session: Topological Network Design
(organized by Jim MacGregor Smith)
 09:00-11:00 Room WA1 - 3.2.13 Jim MacGregor Smith
  D. Thomas, M. Brazil, D. Lee, J. Rubinstein, J. Weng, N. Wormald
A Model for an Underground Mine Layout as a Weighted Network: an Application of Gradient-constrained Minimum Network Theory
  M. Brazil, J. Rubinstein, D. Thomas, J. Weng, N. Wormald
Three-dimensional Gradient-Constrained Minimum Networks
  G. Mateus
Network Planning for Third Generation Mobile Radio Systems
  J. M. Smith, F. Cruz
Topological Network Design of General, Finite, Multi-Server Queueing Networks
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Torre de Belém
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