28th July - Wednesday

Session: Filter Methods
(organized by Maria Teresa Monteiro)
 09:00-11:00 Room WA2 - 3.2.14 Teresa Monteiro
  A. Sanches Antunes, C. Silva, M. T. Monteiro
Filter method with line search in nonlinear optimization
  R. Silva, M. Ulbrich, S. Ulbrich, L. N. Vicente
On a primal-dual interior-point filter method for Nonlinear programming
  C. Gonzaga, E. Karas
Global and Local Convergence Properties of a Filter Algorithm with Second Order Correction Steps
  C. Sainvitu, N. Gould, P. Toint
A filter-trust-region method for unconstrained optimization
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Castelo de São Jorge
Torre de Belém
Ponte 25 de Abril